Would you like to expand your customer base, but sales is not exactly one of your strengths? We will provide you with important basic knowledge on the subject of telephone and live customer acquisition (multilingual and cultural based) within the shortest possible time.

Invest once and have long-term success!

Only those who leave their comfort zone can further develop their personality on a long run!
We provide live coaching to help you to help yourself become active and more extroverted. You will receive extensive feedback from us as well as additional tips on how to increase your success. The basic goals of the first coaching are discussed with the coach beforehand and contractually determined.

If they are not achieved, you will get your money back! Sign up today for a coaching session using our contact form or call us directly!

We would also be pleased to advise you by e-mail in all areas around the topic of increasing success when flirting in everyday life, partner search and general communication enhancement.

Are you new in Germany and need an introduction to the German culture?
Or would you like to know how to deal with German people in their private or professional context? Get valuable advice from local cultural experts.

You don’t speak English or German fluently and would prefer to be coached in your native language? Thankfully, that is also possible!

We also offer coaching in the following languages:
English, German, Spanish, Italian.
Coaching sessions in Russian and Persian are possible upon request as well.


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  • language assistance at fairs
  • international sales assistance
  • communication aid