Language assistance
Language strategy mediation:

Do you have difficulties in learning foreign languages and would like to develop an effective strategy that will enable you to communicate in any language within a few months?

For example, do you need a basic level of a foreign language within a short period of time for a business trip abroad, but do not have the opportunity to attend a language course?

Our language experts are there to help you in word and deed! We will accompany you for a month with weekly one-hour telephone coaching sessions in which you will receive valuable tips on the subject of effective language learning. In addition, we are available around the clock by e-mail and regularly provide you with important documents in which step by step the successful learning of a foreign language is explained.

Push your international business character! Our clients in this field are, among others, digital nomads and international businessmen.

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    • multilingual assistance for a rapid sales growth
    • effective language learning methods