Do you need multilingual support at international events or trade fairs, but also want to save on expensive translation costs?

  • We can provide you with multilingual language assistance.

  • Our employees speak up to 8 languages (per person) and also have profound economic know-how with negotiating and sales skills, which makes it much easier to establish contacts with international clients. We do not charge for any preparations that may be necessary, such as studying your products or services beforehand.

  • As sales experts, we are also happy to carry out your telephone acquisition of potential international customers.

Do you have difficulties in learning foreign languages and would like to develop an effective strategy that will enable you to communicate in any language within a few months?

Do you need a basic level of understanding in a foreign language for a trip abroad within a short period of time, but do not have the opportunity to attend a language course?

  • Our language experts are there to help you with words and deeds! We accompany you for over 1 month with weekly 1-hour telephone coaching units in which you will receive helpful tips around the topic of effective language learning. Additionally, we are available around the clock by e-mail and regularly provide you with important documents in which the successful learning of a foreign language is explained step by step.

Would you like to book us as a coach in your company or university or have any other business inquiries? Please feel free to contact us by e-mail!

Are you new in Germany and require linguistic support in dealing with the authorities?


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